Still Life Ensembles

In 1996, Wilson-Pajic acquired the use of an abandoned warehouse in Ferrières-en-Brie, a large, empty space with a skylight. She painted it white and, in an explosion of activity, realized a long series of ensembles of objects with texts, juxtaposing unlikely elements from the everyday environment with more esoteric ones to create evocative ensembles. After the warehouse was torn down in 1998, Wilson-Pajic continued this work in her studio in Nogent-sur-Marne.

Keywords: art, avant-garde, contemporary art, performance art, performance, anti-performance, installation, sculpture, object, text, sound, video, sound installation, text installation, photography, photo-text, photogram, feminism, feminist art, theatre, film, still life Nancy Wilson Kitchel, recording, site-specific, environment, art context


Distant Thunder 1996

Chair, black bucket, photos of wars, text on wall: «Distant Thunder».


Wishful Thinking 1996

Suspended piece of crumpled copper, black twigs, burnt matches.

Synchronization 1997

Stool, platform, photo of sunset, unidentifiable object on a shelf, text on wall: «We are out of synch with time».

Shape Shifter 2001

Chair, skin of a female lion, pair of high-fashion shoes with engraving on the sole: «It is said that Loki had a pair of shoes that permitted him to change form as he wished.»

Shown at the Galerie Françoise Paviot in 2004

By a Secret Route 2004

Chair, black raincoat, solidified puddle of black liquid.

Shown at the Galerie Françoise Paviot in 2004.

Maybe About Fame 2000

Stool, suspended butcher knife, dead roses.