The Object and its Shadow

The photogram, a direct impression of the object on a photosensitive surface, produces another relation between the object and its image. Wilson-Pajic’s large-scale photograms, created in tandem with Slobodan Pajic, were made on a cyanotype emulsion hand-coated onto watercolor papers.

Keywords: art, avant-garde, text, photography, photo-text, photogram, Slobodan Pajic.



Falling Angels 1995-97

Series of 21 life-sized photograms in cyanotype of human figures, representing angels falling through space surrounded by that which caused their fall. (Dollars, laurel crowns, photographs, etc.)

1998 Exhibition at the Galeries de l’Ancien College in Reims.


Les Déesses (The Goddesses) 2003

Series of life-sized photograms of dresses from Christian Lacroix Haute-Couture, each named for a Celtic goddess.

2008 Exhibition organized by Christian Lacroix at the Musée Réattu in Arles featuring his work along with that of 12 other artists of his choice.

See also Fonds national d’Art contemporain

Les Divas 2004

Series of life-sized photograms from the collection of theatre costumes commissioned by  the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco,

2004-05 Exhibition Acte I for a New Museum  (Collection Nouveau Musée National de Monaco)

The Apparitions 1998

Series of unique photograms of the Haute-Couture designs of Christian Lacroix.

1999 Personal exhibition at the Tour des Templiers in Hyères.

Apparitions: Baba Yaga 1998

(Collection Fonds national d’art contemporain)

2002 Exhibition at the Musée national d’art moderne, Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Fil et Trame 1996

Commissioned by the new Museum of Lace in Calais to create a series of life-sized photograms of items from their collection.

The photograms not included in the commissioned work became the series Phantoms.